yemane redae

Yemane Redae (Mr.)

Origin of geez Ethiopia Tours and travel company is an outstanding tour company combining the best service with the most customized and tailor-made tour packages designed according to our clients’ needs (budget tour oriented or higher end, natural , cultural, historical ,adventure ,trekking ,traditional, Ethiopian events and festivals ,Ethiopian national parks tribes focus, etc.). We offer bespoke tours across all of Et Origin of Ge’ez Tours and Travel company (OGTT) is a highly organized tour company in Ethiopia and offers reliable custom travel services & tour packages in Ethiopia.
Mebrhatu Arega

Mebrahtu Arega (Mr.)

Mebrahtu, born in the Tigray region of Ethiopia is familiar with the entire country and has traveled extensively and has led many successful tours. He is multi-lingual, speaking two of the major languages of Ethiopia, in addition to being fluent in English. His extensive experience includes hosting in hotels, learning the trade of restaurants and entertainment, and being a guide to Axum and a tour manager for the entire country of Ethiopia. He is well equipped to arrange local tours of specific regions as well as extensive tours of the entire country and its varied terrain.